Powerful Twin-cylinder Tyre Inflator
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Weight 3.5 kg
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Item description

This tyre inflator is just the emergency item that you need whenever you get a flat tyre.

With the maximum voltage and amperage of 13.8v/30A, this tyre inflator provides good airflow with an output of 85 litres of air per minute and a maximum pressure of 150 psi. Easy to use, even a lady can inflate a flat tyre in 2 – 3 minutes to get back on the road quickly.

This tyre inflator is a necessity for all car users as it is truly indispensable when you need it.

Item Features
  • Big airflow from twin cylinder air compressor DC12
  • Up to 150 psi working pressure
  • Gearless and direct drive motor
  • For use with small to big vehicles
  • voltage and amperage of 13.8V/30A
  • Airflow output of 85 litres per minute
  • 2.6 metres DC power cord with crocodile clips
  • 3.0 metres extension coil
  • Accurate pressure gauge reading
Package contents
  • 1 unit of air inflator
  • 3 types of nozzles
  • 1 unit of extension coil
  • 1 unit of DC power cord with crocodile clips
  • 1 unit of black bag
Payment method
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  • Credit Card
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 . Free within the State of Victoria

Return Policy
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